Alexandra Prodromidou is a Lecturer in the Business Administration and Economics Department of the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield-CITY College and a Research Associate in the Southeast European Research Centre (SEERC).

Alexandra’s research interests lie in the sphere of Greek Politics and crises in the European periphery, including the impact of the Eurozone crisis on the Greek political system, energy poverty in Greece and migration and migrant integration.  

She is the co-author and Academic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Networks Erasmus+ funded MIGRATE project on the impact of the 2015 migrant crisis on the countries of the Balkan corridor, and a project manager for SEERC on the Strategic Partnerships Erasmus+ project ATSIV on capacity building in NGOs in Southeast Europe. 

Alexandra has also worked on a project on Comparative Political Economy between Greece and Turkey, and has been part of a wider collaborative network with colleagues from SPERI on issues of political economy in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Further information about Alexandra can be found here.