Andreas Rühmkorf is a Lecturer in Commercial Law and a qualified German lawyer, holding the First and Second State Exam. He is also the Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Law.

His research focuses on two primary areas: first, the legal aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in global supply chains; second, company law and corporate governance in a comparative and international context.

The first strand of Andreas’ research is particularly relevant for the research being undertaken at SPERI. He analyses the developing interactions of law with CSR, particularly in the context of global supply chains. His work addresses how different areas of the law such as contract, company law, consumer law, tort law and criminal law provide opportunities and constitute barriers for the promotion of greater CSR. He takes a particular interest in the ways how the so-called home states of transnational corporations such as the United Kingdom have recently passed legislation aimed at increasing corporate accountability for labour standards in global supply chains. Amongst his publications are the monograph Corporate Social Responsibility, Private Law and Global Supply Chains (Edward Elgar 2015) and an edited book on the promotion of sustainable development in German law (Nomos 2018).

Further information about Andreas can be found here.