Caroline is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at SPERI. She joined the University of Sheffield in January 2019. Prior to this she was a lecturer in International Politics at the University of Manchester, where she obtained her PhD thesis in September 2018. She holds a bi-diplome in Politics and IR from Sciences Po Lille/ the University of Kent.

Caroline is a board member of the Critical Political Economy Research Network. She was a visiting scholar at the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2017 and previously worked for the civil society organisation Finance Watch.

Research Interests

Caroline’s teaching and research interests include global political economy and feminist political economy, the politics of finance, banking and debt, European politics and intersectional feminism. She is also interested in the politics of research and in critical pedagogy.

In her current research she looks at the commodification and securitisation of defaulting debts in Europe. She looks at the way austerity and the financialisation of social reproduction interact to foster household over-indebtedness and rising levels of debt defaults in European countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. She is interested both in how defaults impact the household and its gendered dynamics, and in the creation of ‘default-backed securities’ as a way to deal with – and profit from –distressed debt in Europe. 

Key Publications

  • 2016. Turning debts into a market: the wonderful promises of securitization. The Broker, 15 August.
  • 2016. Time to re-politicise money! Ballast Collective, 26 July. [With Ilias Alami and Vincent Guermond]
  • 2014. Repenser l’économie et son enseignement: un thème qui fédère les étudiants européens. L’Économie Politique 64: 48-55.