hannah_150Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Position: Research Fellow

Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 8350

Email: h.lambie-mumford@sheffield.ac.uk

Areas of interest and expertise: Food Poverty/Food Insecurity, Food Aid, Food Banks, Food Charity, Food Rights, Poverty, Child Poverty, The Welfare State, Welfare Reform.

Hannah’s research focuses on food poverty and insecurity, the rise of emergency food provision and the human right to food. She has previously worked as a researcher at the universities of Warwick and Coventry and her work has been at the forefront of the emerging evidence base on the growth of food charity in the UK with her studies on the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, FareShare and other independent initiatives. Hannah has successfully managed and completed projects on food charity and food insecurity for funders including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and in 2013-14 she was lead author of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) funded ‘review of food aid’ which was commissioned in response to growing concern about rising uptake of food charity. In June 2014 Hannah was awarded first prize for Outstanding Early Career Impact at the ESRC’s Celebrating Impact awards.

Hannah is an Expert Member of the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) Social Science Research Committee and a registered specialist with the Agency for her research expertise in food and poverty. Hannah also sits on Child Poverty Action Group’s (CPAG) Policy Advisory Committee and co-convenes the British Sociological Association’s Food Study Group.

Current Research Project

Addressing Food Poverty: A grassroots perspective on the right to food

Funded through Hannah’s 2014 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) prize for Outstanding Early Career Impact, this project involves working with Church Action on Poverty to explore several impact related questions: To what extent does the ‘right to food’ work from the perspective of people with direct personal experience of food poverty?  Does the idea of a ‘right to food’ provide a useful framework and new insights for developing policy solutions to the problem of food poverty?

It is doing so through three phases of work: a series of participatory workshops, based on Hannah’s 2014 research findings, to develop a grassroots perspective on the ‘right to food’; media work alongside participants in phase one, to enable them to tell their stories of food poverty and what the ‘right to food’ means to them through film/video or in other formats which can then be shared more widely in the media; and a national policy workshop which will provide an opportunity to explore the policy implications of the ‘right to food’ that is informed both by the ESRC academic research and the grassroots perspectives of people in food poverty who have been engaged in the participatory work.

Selected Recent Publications:

Lambie-Mumford, H. (forthcoming 2017) Hungry Britain: The rise of food charity, Bristol: Policy Press

Lambie-Mumford, H. and Green, M. (forthcoming 2016) ‘Austerity, welfare reform and the rising use of food banks by children in England and Wales’, Area

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Selected Research Reports

Lambie-Mumford, H. and Snell, C. (2015) ‘Heat or Eat: Food and Austerity in Rural England’, Working Papers of the Communities & Culture Network+ Vol.6 (Oct 2015), http://www.communitiesandculture.org/projects/heat-or-eat-food-and-austerity-in-rural-england/

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