Jay Cullen is Reader in Banking Law and Financial Regulation and Director of the Sheffield Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law (SICCL) in the School of Law. From 2019, he will also be Adjunct Professor of Law and Finance at the University of Oslo Law Faculty.

Jay’s research focuses on the regulation of financial institutions, especially banks, and the financial stability implications of legislative reform. He has also published widely on corporate governance of financial institutions. Jay’s research is influenced by heterodox economics, especially the work of Hyman Minsky. His work has been cited by, amongst others, the Bank of England and European Commission. He has received research funding from the Leverhulme Trust, EU Horizon 2020, and the Society of Legal Scholars.

Jay has held visiting positions at Columbia University, and the University of Oslo, and is an associated expert at the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Jay is also co-founder and co-Director of the Law and Money Initiative, a new collaboration between the Universities of Sheffield, Cornell and Manchester, which aims to improve understanding of the relationship between law and money through collaboration, education and scholarly research.

Further information about Jay can be found here.