Matthew Bishop

Position: Senior Lecturer in International Politics and co-leader of SPERI’s research programme on ‘Development and the Governance of a Globalising Political Economy

Telephone: 0114 2228346

Areas of interests and expertise: Political Economy of Development, Independent and Non-Independent Territories of the Caribbean, China, Global Governance.

Matthew Bishop is Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Sheffield, where he also earned his PhD and began his academic career. In the interim, he spent seven years at the University of the West Indies, firstly as Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in International Relations. He has held visiting positions at Warwick University (as Transatlantic Fellow), the Institute of Social Studies (in the Hague), the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, and Wuhan University in China. Matt is currently the managing editor of the Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy, and he has undertaken consultancies on behalf of various organisations, including the UK Department for International Development (DfID), The Commonwealth Secretariat, The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Project Ploughshares.Matt’s main area of research interest is the political economy of development, with a particular focus on small states, the independent and non-independent territories of the Caribbean, and, increasingly, global patterns of growth and development after the crisis.

He has three main research strands active at present: the rise of China and the attendant impact of hegemonic transitions on global governance in general, and multilateral trade in particular; rethinking development conceptually and empirically beyond the so-called ‘rise of the BRICS’ (the subject of a SPERI paper published in mid-2016); and the turning tide of drug policy in the Americas, reflected in sudden and remarkable patterns cannabis decriminalisation and legalisation throughout the region.