Peter J. Verovšek is Lecturer in Politics/International Relations in the Department of Politics. Peter is a critical theorist interested in the interconnection between democracy, capitalism and the nation-state. Working within international political theory, his research to date has focused on how socially mediated collective memories serve as resources for political innovation in the aftermath of broad historical ruptures.

Peter’s book manuscript, tentatively entitled Memory and the Future of Europe (under contract with Manchester University Press) examines these issues by examining the origins and development of the European Union. He argues that the problems revealed during the Eurozone crisis can be traced to the fading of these memories, as the generations that understood the European Union as a moral project as a result of their experience of total war have passed away. As a result, economic gain has increasingly become the EU’s sole raison d’être. Peter argues that this position is untenable and that the EU must develop a broader historical imaginary if it is to survive. Building on his existing interests and research, Peter is currently working on a series of papers examining the relationship between markets and peoples in contemporary democratic capitalism.

Further information about Peter can be found here.