Philip RobertsPhilip Roberts

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Telephone: 0114 2228346

Areas of interests and expertise: Political Economy of Development, Labour Relations, Food Security, Brazil, India, Ghana.

Philip Roberts’ research focuses on the political economy of development, with a particular focus on labour relations and heterodox approaches to economics. His PhD is in Political Economy, from the University of Sydney. His doctoral thesis examined the Landless Workers Movement of Brazil, focusing on the period from 2002 onward during which Brazil shifted from neoliberal to neodevelopmental economic policies. Subsequent to completing his PhD Philip worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, on a project examining Australian private prisons in terms of their costs, performance, efficiency, and accountability.Philip has a particular interest in the intersection between food security, food sovereignty, and struggles over development. More broadly, his work addresses the ‘BRICS’ group of rising powers, including heterodox economic theories and policy frameworks that emerge from these countries.

Philip’s current research is into the political economy of agricultural production in India and Ghana. This project links ethnographic work and semi-structured interviews to more technical debates surrounding global supply chains and economic restructuring.