Tom McGrath is a Knowledge Exchange Officer at SPERI. Tom works on a research project which aims to understand how the UK public makes sense of tax. The project, led by Dr Liam Stanley in collaboration with Tax Justice UK, has received funding from the ESRC Impact Acceleration Awards via the University of Sheffield’s Internal Knowledge Exchange Scheme.

Tom completed his MA in Global Political Economy in 2019 and his BA in Economics and Politics in 2018, both in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield. Before joining SPERI, he worked as a parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament where his work and research focused on the human rights, foreign affairs, and development committees. His research contributed to a Joint Motion for a Resolution regarding India’s Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which concerned the treatment of asylum-seekers and religious minorities within India.

Research Interests

Tom’s research interests include the nature of British capitalism, markets and competition structures. He also has an active interest in policies towards refugees and asylum-seekers, having previously researched the (de)securitisation of asylum-seeking in Colombia and the United Kingdom. Within both fields, Tom is particularly interested in how narratives, design, and policy framing shift public attitudes, and in turn the impact that these have on people’s lives. Tom also has an interest in Latin American political economy, particularly within Colombia and Venezuela; mental health policy in the UK; and climate change/climate emergency, especially in relation to the experiences of refugees and asylum-seekers.