Media Enquiries

If you would like to get in touch with any member of the SPERI network, please contact Administrator Laure Astill on 01142228346 who will put you through to the appropriate person. You can see a list of the expert commentators involved with SPERI below.

T: +44 (0)114 222 8346

Expert Commentators

Colin Hay Civic capitalism, crisis, globalisation, regionalisation,growth and alternative measures of economic success, competiveness, austerity, welfare state restructuring, markets and price formation
Tony Payne Global governance and global institution
Craig Berry Political economy, economic policy, growth, investment, pensions, finance, employment, industrial policy, Northern England, regional economic development
Hannah Lambie-Mumford Food poverty/food insecurity, food aid, food banks, food charity, food rights, poverty, child poverty, the welfare state, welfare reform
Martin Craig Industrial Policy, British Political Economy, Environmental Crisis, Climate Change, Sustainable Economic Models
Genevieve LeBaron Feminist Political Economy, Global Political Economy, Labour Studies, International Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility