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Dead-end city: Reflections on the marginalized in post-crisis Madrid

Daniel Briggs

A study of Valdemingómez in Spain’s capital highlights the social consequences of austerity and the suffering it can cause Valdemingómez in Madrid is one of Europe’s largest urban ghettos rife with drugs, violence and destitution. When I first heard about it ten years ago when in London, I found difficult to believe that a place with such multifaceted social problems … Continue reading

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Social policy: a vital partner in any inclusive growth strategy

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Social policy needs to be seen as a partner in, not just one part of inclusive growth People are at the centre of the economy. This is of course an obvious statement in practical terms but, in the age of austerity and rising inequality and in-work poverty, it is clearer than ever that the current political economic model over looks … Continue reading

22 February 2017 by
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Industrial strategy failures increase the likelihood of soft Brexit

Craig Berry

As Theresa May knows, Britain is too weak economically to prosper outside the single market under the current economic policy paradigm – this inconvenient truth will soon tear apart the pro-Brexit coalition In many ways, 2016 was a fairly typical year in post-crisis Britain. The economy continued to stumble along, but the government continued to pretend otherwise, declaring austerity to … Continue reading

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What Brexit and austerity tell us about economics, policy and the media – New SPERI Paper

We are delighted to publish the transcript of Simon Wren-Lewis’s Prize-winning Lecture: What Brexit and austerity tell us about economics, policy and the media. In this Paper, Simon Wren-Lewis tackles the inconsistencies and inaccuracies reported in the media about austerity and Brexit. He calls for journalists to bring in academic expertise and to prick the Westminster bubble. Simon Wren-Lewis is … Continue reading

14 December 2016 by
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Trump, Brexit and neoliberalism

To understand the twin electoral disasters of 2016 we need to consider the central role played by austerity and the media Simon Wren-Lewis is the winner of the 2016 New Statesman/SPERI Prize for Political Economy. Tonight he will deliver his Prize Lecture to a sold-out audience in London. How do we explain the two great Anglo-Saxon electoral disasters of 2016: … Continue reading

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Battles for diversity, heritage and the future of the city: Part II

Rowland Atkinson & Malcolm Tait

Four proposals to empower and re-tool our planning system could ensure it is able to act in all of our interests In the first part of this blog, we noted how the system of planning in the UK has been denuded to the extent that it has become severely limited in its ability to contest urban change stimulated by international … Continue reading

7 November 2016 by
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Does Labour have any good choices before it?

Glen O'Hara

Corbyn’s opponents and supporters must find common causes if Labour is to avoid long-term damage to the party Craig Berry’s excellent recent SPERI blogs, in which he analysed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as a movement which is at one and the same time ‘utopian’ and ‘authoritarian’, did an incisive job of laying bare some of the contradictions that now lie … Continue reading

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‘Austerity Politics and UK Economic Policy’ – new book by SPERI’s Deputy Director now available

A new book, Austerity Politics and UK Economic Policy, by SPERI Deputy Director Craig Berry has been published by Palgrave. The book assesses UK economic policy in the wake of the financial crisis through the lens of the austerity agenda, focusing on monetary policy, economic rebalancing, industrial and regional policy, the labour market, welfare reform and budgetary management. Berry argues … Continue reading

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Department of Politics Commencement Lecture with Professor Andrew Gamble

Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, yesterday gave the Commencement Lecture of the Department of Politics which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The lecture covered the different meanings of austerity and anti-austerity. Andrew focused on why the financial crisis of 2008 still dominates the political economy landscape. He argued that the crisis was as serious as 1929 with … Continue reading

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SPERI PGR network talk with Sarah Lyall

‘Responses to austerity’ Wednesday 16th September 5pm-7pm, Icoss Boardoom The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) coordinates a small network of PhD and post-doctoral students who have an interest in political economy. The next meeting of the SPERI PGR network will involve a presentation from Sarah Lyall from the New Economic Foundation entitled ‘Responses to austerity’: How did local groups … Continue reading

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SPERI research looks at the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma and challenges facing rural communities

In an era of austerity the dilemma many people on low incomes face about whether to ‘heat or eat’ has received a lot of attention. But, there has been little evidence to assess this phenomena. Now a new research project – ‘Heat or Eat: Food and Austerity in Rural England’ – jointly led by Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, a Faculty Research … Continue reading

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2016 SPERI Conference announcement: ‘Political Economy in an Age of Great Uncertainty’

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) is pleased to announce that its next major conference will take place from 4-6 July 2016 and will be held, as previously, in the Halifax Hall conference centre in Sheffield. The theme of the conference will be: ‘Political Economy in an Age of Great Uncertainty’. SPERI’s focus encompasses analysis of all the major … Continue reading

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Labour and the ideology of aspiration

Matthew Donoghue

The party’s attempt to promote some relatively centre-left policies during the general election was contradicted by its acceptance of other dominant right-wing discourses In the aftermath of an election defeat described by some as the ‘greatest crisis’ the party has ever faced, many key Labour personalities have already offered their analysis of where things went wrong.  One argument that gained … Continue reading

8 July 2015 by
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Why the North, why now, and what’s new?: Part II

Craig Berry

Osborne’s plans spell ‘devo-danger’ for the left in Northern England Devo-Manc, and its equivalents in the other regions of Northern England that will surely follow, is being sold as a key element in the creation of George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’.  In the first of these posts, I argued that Labour’s future might depend on rekindling Northern England’s ‘inner powerhouse’.  Here, … Continue reading

11 June 2015 by
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Rethinking Recovery II

Mary Evans

The long, rocky ride of crisis and austerity In this next post of the series, it is suggested that the discursive justifications of austerity and touting of the moral certainty of markets advanced by politicians hide the fact that capitalism’s crises are always borne by the poor and the weak. It has long been taken for granted, by Marxists and … Continue reading

10 June 2015 by
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The ugly economy of the beautiful game: part I

Craig Berry

The English Premier League, with the help of austerity, is destroying its own foundations The recent news that Sky and BT will pay more than £5 billion to broadcast Premier League (the top division of English football) matches for three seasons – an incredible 70 per cent increase on the cost of the previous deal – has thrown a spotlight … Continue reading

1 April 2015 by
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Inequality Redux I

Scott Lavery

Wage decline, welfare retrenchment and the politics of austerity in Britain In the years immediately following the crisis of 2007-8, income inequality declined in Britain on some key measures. However, focusing on the labour market as well as on the changing composition of Britain’s welfare state, this post argues that real wage decline has precipitated a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ in Britain, whereby … Continue reading

19 February 2015 by
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Local government cuts and the unequal social, geographical and political impact of austerity

Craig Berry

Cuts to local government have disproportionately affected the North, deprived areas and Labour councils All of the mainstream political parties in the UK are currently engaging in a slightly farcical competition over how many billions of pounds in public expenditure they intend to devolve from Whitehall to the local level. Such devolution may be welcome, but the very big numbers … Continue reading

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The Broomhill Festival welcomes SPERI researchers

On Thursday 19th June, SPERI successfully hosted a public engagement workshop as part of the annual Broomhill Festival. SPERI researchers Dr Craig Berry and Scott Lavery addressed a lively, local audience on the topic of ‘Austerity, Economic Rebalancing and Sheffield’. They were joined by Dr Kate Dommett, Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics in the Department of Politics, and … Continue reading

20 June 2014 by
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The regressive evolution of the UK tax base

The declining significance of progressive and business taxation demonstrates the character of ‘austerity’ In a recent SPERI paper, Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery argued that the economic recovery has been secured through processes of ‘regressive redistribution’, as quantitative easing and the suppression of wages represent a striking redistribution of wealth to asset holders and businesses, and away from low and … Continue reading

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