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Second workshop on the political economy of Brexit

On Friday 16th September, the second workshop in the SPERI research project on the political economy of Brexit, led by Scott Lavery, took place at the University of Sheffield. The focus was on the issue of the labour market, free movement and the welfare state in the context of the UK leaving the EU. This is the second in a … Continue reading

20 September 2016 by
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Deficit fetishism and the art of political bullshit: Part I

Jonathan Hopkin and Ben Rosamond

Attempts to refute bullshit by appeals to the ‘facts’ are likely to be unsuccessful as argumentative strategies Debates about economic policy in the recent UK General Election campaign were dominated by one particular claim: that the last Labour government, which left office in 2010, was wholly responsible for the deficit.  This claim became a central plank of the Conservative Party’s … Continue reading

15 July 2015 by
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