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The collapse of France’s Socialist Party amidst the Macron surge

With Macron dominant and the left divided, the future of a devastated Socialist Party is extremely unclear The Presidential and legislative elections in France this year delivered arguably the most dramatic upheaval in the French party system since the foundation of the Fifth Republic in 1958. Unprecedentedly, the sitting President did not to attempt to run for re-election, whilst the … Continue reading

26 July 2017 by
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Disarray on the French left – what next for the Parti Socialiste?

Sean McDaniel

Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon looks set to finish fifth in Sunday’s presidential election. With crucial legislative elections following in June, the party is in disarray. This year’s French presidential election campaign has been dominated not by one ‘story’ but several.  Not only do we have the unnerving popularity of Marine Le Pen, who looks set to make it into the … Continue reading

21 April 2017 by
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Does Benoît Hamon represent a ‘New Left’ in French socialist politics?

Renee Buhr

Analysing the policy differences between Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon show how the new Socialist presidential candidate is mapping a new direction for the French left In a previous blog for SPERI published in December, I argued that the right-wing candidates competing for the French Presidency represented a break from business as usual in French economic policy.  Francois Fillon’s apparent … Continue reading

13 February 2017 by
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