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New book by Valbona Muzaka published in SPERI Palgrave series

We are delighted to announce the publication of a further volume in the SPERI series ‘Building a Sustainable Political Economy: SPERI Research and Policy’ published by Palgrave Macmillan. The author is Valbona Muzaka, Honorary Research Fellow of SPERI and Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy at King’s College, London. The book is entitled: Food, Health and the Knowledge Economy: The … Continue reading

28 November 2017 by
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Revisiting the developmental state 5: India and Brazil in the 21st century

Valbona Muzaka

Real and credible development in these countries means pursuing knowledge social economy visions that are genuinely autochthonous Focusing on India and Brazil in the context of renewed discussion of the developmental state may raise some eyebrows.  For, unlike the successful catch-up of Japan and other East Asian ‘tigers’ with which that concept and its more recent reiterations have been associated, … Continue reading

24 October 2017 by
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Rio de Janeiro beyond the Olympic Games and the Zika controversy

Giselle Datz

The real malaise of Rio is not just the Zika virus epidemic, but a fiscal and governance crisis that has engendered its own set of increasing dangers On May 26th, a group of renowned scientists published a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) calling for the 2016 summer Olympic games taking place in Rio de Janeiro to be ‘postponed … Continue reading

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What next for Brazil’s healthcare experiment?

Valbona Muzaka

A return to neoliberal policies could threaten the future of universal healthcare in Brazil It is impossible to tell what the final outcome of President Rousseff’s impeachment process will be. With less difficulty, the crisis that has engulfed the Brazilian executive can be seen as the outcome of a political manoeuvre – not even a very sophisticated one at that … Continue reading

24 May 2016 by
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Brazil on the edge: rhetoric and reality in Rousseff’s impeachment proceedings

Giselle Datz

Despite claims of a coup, Brazilian democracy has proved more resilient so far than the country’s crumbling economy On Sunday evening (April 17), more than 71% of Brazilian representatives in the lower house of Congress voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff (in office since 2011). With more than the necessary 69% of votes guaranteed, the process now moves to the … Continue reading

22 April 2016 by
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Brazil’s ‘neodevelopmentalism’: autopsy and adjustment

Giselle Datz

The problems the Brazilian economy now faces reveal that ‘hybrid’ development models are no panacea for sustained growth In September 2013 President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil cancelled her state visit to the United States scheduled for the following month.  At the time, the Brazilian government made clear its dissatisfaction with explanations provided by Washington about its monitoring of Rousseff’s cell-phone … Continue reading

19 August 2015 by
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Brazil over troubled waters

Giselle Datz

Corruption, economic decline and distrust mark the end of 2014 in Brazil More than 2 million people, dressed in white, welcomed the New Year by the ocean on Copacabana beach in Rio.  They were hardly asleep when festivities for the (re)-inauguration of Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, were set under way in Brasilia.  For many Brazilians, the familiar New Year celebrations … Continue reading

8 January 2015 by
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Dilma Rousseff’s development dilemma

Jewellord Nem Singh

Can a fourth victory for the Workers’ Party secure Brazil’s state capitalism? Brazilians voted yesterday (26 October) for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff, securing the Workers’ Party (PT) its fourth electoral victory. In a very tight race with Aecio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PDSB), Rousseff won by a three per cent margin, indicating the fragility of her victory … Continue reading

27 October 2014 by
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Who is Marina Silva?

Valbona Muzaka

Possibly Brazil’s next president, she is a perplexing mix of contradictory social and political characteristics Endless polls record compulsively the distance between Brazilian voters’ preference for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) and her most prominent challenger, Marina Silva of the Partido Socialista Brasileiro (PSB).  They suggest that Silva could potentially win the race for Brazil’s … Continue reading

2 October 2014 by
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Zero Hunger Britain

Ben Richardson

Brazil’s Zero Hunger programme is being adopted in countries around the world: why not Britain too? Tony Payne has argued that ‘we’re all developing countries now’. One corollary of this is that the pretension of an international policy hierarchy must be dropped. No longer should it be assumed that the best ways to address key developmental challenges have already been … Continue reading

8 May 2014 by
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