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Capital controls are back on the agenda – but why did Britain scrap them in the 1970s?

Labour and Conservative governments in the 1970s abolished exchange controls and the reasons don’t just lie in free market ideology. Unhindered capital mobility – once understood as an unassailable feature of the modern global economy – has recently been called into question. While The Telegraph’s scare headlines may exaggerate things (‘How to protect your money from Corbyn’s threatened capital controls…’), … Continue reading

7 December 2017 by
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When in Russia, do as the Russians do?

Putin’s system of control requires businesses constantly to negotiate challenging formal and informal rules of the game The collapse of the command economy and the gradual opening up of large and potentially fruitful markets in the Russian Federation has led to a steady influx of foreign firms seeking to operate within the business milieu of post-Soviet Russia. Twenty-five years on … Continue reading

19 May 2015 by
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