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African capitalisms, infrastructure and the role of urban real estate in political settlements

Exploring how capital intersects with contemporary urban forms can help to bring Africa to its rightful position at the forefront of global debates on capitalist transformation. This series on capitalism in Africa has so far provided some excellent reflections focused primarily in two areas: first, the utility of the concept of capitalism (seen as being both historically contingent and culturally … Continue reading

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Italy in an age of authoritarian liberalism

How the recent history of Italian capitalism has been shaped by populists and technocrats Italy is not only divided, as the recent elections have once again demonstrated, but also as divisive as usual. Optimists point to its recent recovery and 9th place in world GDP rankings (ahead of rising giants such as Russia or Indonesia); pessimists highlight that since the … Continue reading

17 May 2018 by
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Capitalism doesn’t work? That’s fake news

Sir Keith Burnett

University of Sheffield President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett urges policymakers to stop pretending broken markets can be fixed with more regulation Tory slogans are a gift to those who want to see everything nationalised. They had been ranting about wanting a capitalism ‘that works for all’, now it’s an economy that is ‘fit for the future’. What does … Continue reading

1 December 2017 by
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Inclusive growth: the challenge of our time

Colin Hay

A new growth model must be economically and morally sustainable – now, and for future generations “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” (George Orwell, Animal Farm, 1945) In a context in which we have been told for so long that ‘we are all in it together’ to ask for inclusive growth might not seem … Continue reading

21 February 2017 by
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The world as we know it is a world that never was

Craig Berry

Donald Trump’s election reminds us that world order is based on American imperial power, not liberal ideals – the American empire’s unravelling will now be accelerated There has been much anxiety expressed in recent days on what the election of Donald Trump in the United States, on the back of the Brexit vote in Britain, says about ‘us’ (whether the … Continue reading

7 December 2016 by
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Third party ownership: Big Sam, football and capitalism

Thomas Hastings

Third party ownership highlights the problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism, and why reforms are urgently needed The recent Sam Allardyce inspired saga over third party ownership in football has served to highlight the bigger and more general problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism. Building on existing SPERI blogs, notably Craig Berry’s insights into … Continue reading

18 October 2016 by
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The politics of reforming capitalism in Britain: Part II

Tony Payne

Two competing and ultimately incompatible visions exist on the right and now sit in tension at the heart of Theresa May’s government As I noted last week, there is another side to the debate about reforming capitalism in Britain. It is located on the right of politics, not the left, and, in case you missed it, it’s the right in … Continue reading

12 October 2016 by
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The politics of reforming capitalism in Britain: Part I

Tony Payne

The Labour approach being shaped by Corbyn and McDonnell has yet to find a politics that will work and will not do so if it comes to be seen as fundamentally anti-capitalist With Jeremy Corbyn emphatically re-elected to the leadership of the Labour Party and Theresa May basking still in the glow of her sudden elevation to Downing Street, it’s … Continue reading

6 October 2016 by
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Video of Wolfgang Streeck’s talk – ‘Last Call: Time is Running out on Capitalism and Democracy in Europe’

We are pleased to share the opening address of the SPERI Conference which took place on 4th July in Halifax Hall in Sheffield. In this talk, Wolfgang Streeck briefly reconstructs the post-war relationships between democracy and capitalism and shows how the trajectory of ‘democratic capitalism’ has increasingly favoured a social and economic model that prioritises the imperatives of the market … Continue reading

9 September 2016 by
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Rethinking Recovery: Poverty chains and global capitalism

Reorienting value generated within ‘global poverty chains’ is essential to improve the lives of an impoverished world labour force Contemporary global capitalism is characterised by extreme wealth concentration and a rapidly expanding and largely impoverished global labour force. Mainstream institutions such as the World Bank and International Labour Organisation encourage integration into global value chains as a development strategy that, … Continue reading

12 July 2016 by
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From socialising capital to socialising capitalism

Craig Berry

Stewart Lansley’s advocacy of the sharing economy is the right idea at the right time, but social wealth funds would be a problematic instrument Stewart Lansley’s valuable 2012 book The Cost of Inequality offered one of the few sustained attempts to link inequality to the causes of the 2008 economic crisis, insofar as it was deemed a core characteristic of … Continue reading

9 June 2016 by
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Workshop: ‘Diverging Capitalisms, Part 1: the City After the Crisis’

On Friday 29th April SPERI, Policy Network and FEPS organised a one-day workshop entitled ‘Diverging Capitalisms, Part 1: the City After the Crisis’. The workshop, organised by SPERI’s co-director Professor Colin Hay, Dr Arianna Giovannini (SPERI) and Renaud Thillaye (deputy director, Policy Network), was the first of a series of four events as part of the project ‘Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, … Continue reading

3 May 2016 by
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Reforming the Treasury, reorienting British capitalism – new SPERI Brief

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) has today published a new research brief. Reforming the Treasury, reorienting British capitalism‘ – by Craig Berry, Andrew Gamble, Colin Hay, Tom Hunt and Tony Payne – contributes to perennial debates about the role and responsibilities of the Treasury, and its dual role within Government as both the ‘economics ministry’ and the ‘finance … Continue reading

21 March 2016 by
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New Research Programme with Policy Network and FEPS

SPERI launches on 1st December a new research programme with Policy Network in London and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in Brussels.  It will run for two years until 30 November 2017. The programme is entitled ‘Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, the City of London and Europe’ and is jointly led by Colin Hay (Co-Director of SPERI), Renaud Thillaye (Deputy … Continue reading

1 December 2015 by
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What next for China: Great Wall or Bridging the Gap?

Sir Keith Burnett

As he prepares to meet President Xi, the University’s Vice-Chancellor reflects on what China’s questions about its future mean for the political economy of the West In his speech to both Houses of Parliament during this week’s visit to the UK by President Xi Jinping, he began, as is the Chinese way, by paying tribute to those who came far … Continue reading

22 October 2015 by
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It’s the political economy, stupid!

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

Labour desperately needs a new and compelling narrative about how it would build a different economy from the Conservatives – and time is already running out Labour’s post-election debate is only six weeks old, but it is already going wrong.  It’s not just that the choice of a new leader and deputy leader, with all the associated questions of character … Continue reading

18 June 2015 by
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When in Russia, do as the Russians do?

Putin’s system of control requires businesses constantly to negotiate challenging formal and informal rules of the game The collapse of the command economy and the gradual opening up of large and potentially fruitful markets in the Russian Federation has led to a steady influx of foreign firms seeking to operate within the business milieu of post-Soviet Russia. Twenty-five years on … Continue reading

19 May 2015 by
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Ed Miliband didn’t convince the electorate, because he didn’t convince himself

Craig Berry

An ambivalence towards the state meant Labour failed to offer a meaningful alternative to the Conservatives The scene was set, at the recent UK general election, for a turn to the left – as we have seen in many other Western countries – of precisely the kind that Ed Miliband pitched to the Labour Party in his leadership campaign, and … Continue reading

12 May 2015 by
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Capitalism, greening and political economy

Matthew Patterson

China and other countries in the global South are leading the way in the uptake of renewable energy and the pursuit of green growth Hints that we maybe undergoing profound transformations in capitalism as it grapples with the unprecedented challenge of taking the fossil fuels out of the global economy are rapidly becoming clearer.  In our book Climate Capitalism, published … Continue reading

25 February 2015 by
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Global capitalism and the rule of law

Robbie Pye

Christopher May bridges the disciplinary divide between law and political economy to deliver a clear and compelling account of the idea of the rule of law in global politics The ‘rule of law’ has become increasingly frequent and unquestioned in the lexicon of global politics.  Yet, as Christopher May points out in The Rule of Law: The Common Sense of … Continue reading

10 December 2014 by
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