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The social economy is missing in strategies to create more inclusive growth

As more places around the UK focus on inclusive growth it is essential that the social economy is no longer left out Many discussions about inclusive growth tend to focus on the policy implications for government, and the implications for, mostly, large business. Despite some interesting discussions around corporate governance reform, there has been little attention paid to the internal … Continue reading

23 October 2017 by
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Battles for diversity, heritage and the future of the city: Part II

Rowland Atkinson & Malcolm Tait

Four proposals to empower and re-tool our planning system could ensure it is able to act in all of our interests In the first part of this blog, we noted how the system of planning in the UK has been denuded to the extent that it has become severely limited in its ability to contest urban change stimulated by international … Continue reading

7 November 2016 by
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