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Citizenship in a financialised society

Craig Berry

The Conservative government’s promotion of financialisation is transforming citizenship in the UK While the New Labour-ish language of ‘financial inclusion’ and ‘asset-based welfare’ has been quietly eschewed, since 2010 the Conservative Party has continued its predecessor’s agenda around promoting more extensive and intensive participation in the financial system, through asset ownership, in order to enable individuals to play an enhanced … Continue reading

28 August 2015 by
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Citizenship for sale?

Owen Parker

Individual investor programmes in Europe raise huge questions about citizenship and borders in a globalising world Henley and Partners – one among many private firms specialising in ‘residency and citizenship planning’ for the world’s wealthy – describes on its website how the Maltese government will grant citizenship within one year to those able to invest €650 000 in the country’s … Continue reading

4 September 2014 by
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