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Does Congressional experience lead to US governors securing higher state funding?

New research shows that governors who have previously served in Congress prior to taking office as state governor increase the transfers to their state The years since the election of Donald Trump have been a rollercoaster in US politics. The mid-term elections take place on the 6th November and could make or break Trump’s presidency. Losing control of the House … Continue reading

19 October 2018 by
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Trump, the Russia sanctions and Europe’s energy future

The significant deterioration in US-Russia relations and new sanctions could profoundly impact the EU and its energy needs The melodrama around Donald Trump has obscured the significance of recent events in American politics to the energy future of Europe. At the end of July President Trump signed into law a bill passed with near unanimity by Congress that, among other … Continue reading

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The President’s ‘Queen’s Speech’

David Coates

The nature and timing of Obama’s latest policy shift is extraordinarily hard to understand The United Kingdom and the United States are divided by more than a common language.  They are divided too by the different character of the political systems prevalent in each.  They do, however, share a propensity for political theatre.  The UK has a major example of … Continue reading

22 January 2015 by
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