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Is there a Scottish economic model?

Ewan Gibbs

Nicola Sturgeon is keen to emphasis a distinctive Scottish model – yet the SNP’s style and rhetoric differ from the substance and reality of Scotland’s economy Last November Professor Tony Payne introduced Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, before she delivered SPERI’s Annual Lecture, by highlighting how the vision for Scotland she set out in the 2015 general election represented a … Continue reading

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Re-framing the funding crisis in adult residential care

New ‘follow the money’ research investigates where the money paid to financialised care home chains goes In recent months large care home chains have told a story through the media of an imminent crisis in adult residential care. They say the increase to the minimum wage (to be introduced on April 1st 2016) and underpayment by local authorities for care … Continue reading

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The Power of Finance before and after the Great Financial Crisis – workshop & special issue of Government & Opposition

On 1 May 2013, we hosted a workshop entitled ‘The Power of Finance before and after the Great Financial Crisis’ at the Kenwood Hotel in Sheffield. The workshop, funded by the journal Government and Opposition, the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) at the University of Manchester and SPERI, attracted leading academics from across the globe, and their papers … Continue reading

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