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The power relations of debt: care and resistance

Daniela and Johnna

Rethinking debt and how it is ‘cared for’ reveals its gendered, classed and racialised nature We believe there is an urgent need to conceptualise and theorise the ‘care’ of debt and how it is ‘cared for’. Rethinking debt in these terms reveals the power relations that underpin its and its gendered, classed and racialised nature. Nancy Fraser reminds us of … Continue reading

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New SPERI Paper: Inequality Redux

We are delighted to publish as a SPERI Paper the series of blogs by SPERI staff and students, which ran from February to April 2015, all devoted to the theme of inequality. The posts were intended to paint into place a different backdrop to the issues that were being debated in the British General Election campaign which ran as the … Continue reading

18 June 2015 by
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