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2016 and the return of the nation-state

Whilst the turbulence of this year has caused political shocks the apparent resurgence of the nation-state should be no surprise Much of the political rhetoric that has been deployed during this period of political turbulence can make 2016 appear as the year the nation-state returned.  Yet for all the shock value associated with the year’s political events this apparent resurgence … Continue reading

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UK manufacturing has entered a new phase of decline – new SPERI Brief

A new SPERI British Political Economy Brief ‘UK manufacturing decline since the crisis in historical perspective’, published today, argues that UK manufacturing has entered a new phase of decline. The new Brief, by SPERI Deputy Director Craig Berry, shows that: In the 5 years since 2011 the UK manufacturing sector has bucked historical trends and created new jobs. However, output growth … Continue reading

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How does low access to finance affect innovation?

Georgios Efthyvoulou

A major new study highlights the barriers to innovation that face firms from across Europe There is ample evidence in the economics literature that achieving sustained long-term productivity and economic growth is intrinsically linked to investment in research and development (R&D) and innovation activity (i.e. through the introduction of new or significantly improved goods and services). However, due to the … Continue reading

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