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Revisiting the developmental state 3: Fitting China into the debate

The key questions are how much China’s hybrid state and market economic structure is really focused on development and whether it is sustainable Where you think you are can depend on where you came from.  If you start mentally in the ‘liberal west’ and then go to China, the Chinese economy is much more state-guided and coordinated (and, indeed, state-owned) … Continue reading

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Revisiting the developmental state 2: why have we seen so few developmental states?

The underlying political settlement within countries too often provides political elites with insufficient incentives to enact the institutional reforms needed for further growth and structural transformation The original developmental states of East Asia had one unifying economic characteristic: they witnessed almost uninterrupted rapid economic growth for well over four decades.  This is very different from what we have observed for … Continue reading

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Revisiting the developmental state 1: Introduction

It’s time to open up a new debate about the potential gains offered by this longstanding and core concept in the study of the political economy of development The bleak and grinding years of crisis and austerity in the West – symptoms of the decaying neoliberalism that may finally be reaching its endgame – have contrasted markedly with the spectacular … Continue reading

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Remaking the case for a ‘developmental state’ in Britain

Tony Payne

Britain urgently needs a new national development strategy after the Brexit vote and must find the will to embrace a radically different model of the state Sometimes you just have to say it again, doubling down on what you think. In one of the first posts I wrote on this site in 2013, I proclaimed: ‘We are all developing countries … Continue reading

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Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

The vision of a service-sector led ‘developmental state’ drives the government of Rwanda, but is proving hard to sustain Amid stories of ‘Africa Rising’, the idea of the developmental state is receiving attention again.  The concept was coined by Chalmers Johnson in his study of Japanese industrial policy.  It was later applied to a range of East Asian countries, each … Continue reading

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