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Revisiting the developmental state 9: Conclusion

The East Asian developmental state was a phenomenon of its time that hasn’t been precisely replicated, but state developmentalism as a strategy for national insertion into the global order remains necessary Well, it turned out to be worthwhile revisiting the concept of the developmental state, didn’t it?  Our contributors have performed splendidly in providing a succession of incisive yet pithy … Continue reading

21 November 2017 by
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Revisiting the developmental state 6: towards ‘developmental regimes’ in Africa?

The essence of contemporary African developmentalism lies less in the nature of the state and more in that of the regime, especially its capacity to pursue sound development policies A vital question in Africa right now is which of the countries that are growing economically and are reasonably conflict-free are going to break through into transformative development. In particular, which … Continue reading

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Rwanda: an agrarian developmental state?

Graham Harrison

‘Getting the politics right’ in smallholder agriculture is an important first step in Rwanda’s development, but it needs to be sustained for a generation At the heart of the burgeoning literature on Rwanda is the country’s rapid economic growth since the early 2000s, and its accompaniment by a raft of other encouraging development statistics.  GDP per capita has grown from … Continue reading

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