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Inclusive growth at city-region level: a perspective from Greater Manchester

Ruth Lupton

Greater Manchester is an important test-bed for how inclusive growth can be put into practice at a local level The Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit (IGAU) was established in January 2016 by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and The University of Manchester, as part of JRF’s work on cities, growth and poverty, and the University’s new Urban Institute and wider efforts … Continue reading

28 February 2017 by
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Anything you can do, we can do better: Manchester’s devolution journey

The election of a new metro-mayor in 2017 won’t be an end point to devolution, but just another step on Greater Manchester’s long road to devolution On May 5th 2017, voters in Greater Manchester will wake up to a new metro-mayor.  Yet will the victor be capable of delivering progressive devolution which goes beyond the current limitations of the agreed … Continue reading

15 November 2016 by
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17 February: Devo Manc Is A Flawed Democracy. Discuss

On Wednesday 17 February, Arianna Giovannini, our new SPERI Researcher will take part in a public event in Manchester focusing on the potential democratic deficit in the current ‘Devo Manc’ Deal. The event is organised by Discuss, in partnership with Guardian Live. Discuss is a Manchester based organisation which promotes progressive thinking through challenging, provocative and authentic debates. Neil McInroy … Continue reading

11 February 2016 by
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Why the North, why now, and what’s new?: Part II

Craig Berry

Osborne’s plans spell ‘devo-danger’ for the left in Northern England Devo-Manc, and its equivalents in the other regions of Northern England that will surely follow, is being sold as a key element in the creation of George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’.  In the first of these posts, I argued that Labour’s future might depend on rekindling Northern England’s ‘inner powerhouse’.  Here, … Continue reading

11 June 2015 by
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‘Devo Manc’: ‘Northern Powerhouse’ or ‘Northern Poorhouse’?

Centralisation has certainly failed, but the promise of devolution to Greater Manchester is being massively hyped Manchester is a great world city which has long divided observers.  In the mid-nineteenth century, what was for de Tocqueville a ‘foul drain’ and for Taine ‘Babel built of brick’ was for the Edinburgh Review, by contrast, ‘foremost in the march of improvement, a … Continue reading

7 April 2015 by
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