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The politics of devolution in England: launch of a special edition of the Political Quarterly

The launch of a special section of the latest edition of the Political Quarterly entitled ‘The Politics of Devolution in England’, hosted by SPERI on Thursday 23 February 2017, provided the setting for a much needed debate on the opportunities and challenges of devolution across Yorkshire. Arianna Giovannini (De Montfort University; SPERI Honorary Research Fellow) and Andrew Mycock (University of Huddersfield), guest … Continue reading

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The real deal: negotiating from a position of power

Alison Gardner

To make devolution a success Westminster must recognise a confident and powerful local government sector as an opportunity, not a threat In what circumstances does the UK government devolve power?  Step back 30 years.  Local government was a bureaucratic and professional behemoth, viewed by the government of the day as an internal enemy.  Cities were a major site of resistance … Continue reading

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We need a real deal on devolution – new joint SPERI and CLES report

A new joint report ‘The Real Deal: Pushing the parameters of devolution deals’ published today by SPERI and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) calls on the new government to reset the devolution agenda, rethink UK governance at all levels, and presents ideas for a new settlement to make devolution a force for progressive change. The paper – co-authored … Continue reading

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17 February: Devo Manc Is A Flawed Democracy. Discuss

On Wednesday 17 February, Arianna Giovannini, our new SPERI Researcher will take part in a public event in Manchester focusing on the potential democratic deficit in the current ‘Devo Manc’ Deal. The event is organised by Discuss, in partnership with Guardian Live. Discuss is a Manchester based organisation which promotes progressive thinking through challenging, provocative and authentic debates. Neil McInroy … Continue reading

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Will devolution bring an economic and democratic dividend?

Dan Bailey and Matt Wood

Our briefing for the New Economics Foundation (NEF) supports the existing literature in suggesting that such a relationship cannot be taken for granted As the Department for Communities and Local Government rolls out the first round of ‘City Deals’, advocates of English devolution have become almost Panglossian in their conviction that it will launch economic growth and empowerment across the … Continue reading

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Video of the ‘Power to the North?’ event

The video of the ‘Power to the North?’ is now online. This large-scale public event brought high-profile public figures to debate whether further powers should be devolved to Northern England and, if so, in what form. Speakers: Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Ben Lucas, founding partner of Metro Dynamics & member of the RSA City Growth … Continue reading

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Workshop on the ‘Political Economy of the Northern Powerhouse’

On Thursday 12th November SPERI hosted an all day workshop on the ‘Political Economy of the Northern Powerhouse’. The workshop – organised by Dr Arianna Giovannini (University of Huddersfield), SPERI’s Deputy Director Dr Craig Berry, Dr Richard Hayton (University of Leeds), and Professor Martin Smith (University of York) – is one of several workshops set up through the ‘the White Rose … Continue reading

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SPERI brings the power of debate to the North

Yesterday SPERI held a very successful public debate about devolution to the North. With a great line up of speakers and in front of a full house the debate focused on the Government’s Northern Powerhouse agenda, which political and economic powers should be devolved to the North, how devolution can strengthen local democracy and lots more. The event titled ‘Power … Continue reading

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The Scottish Indyref, one year on

Ariana Giovannini

Devolution in England ignores the key lessons from Scotland’s referendum One year has passed since the Scottish independence referendum took place. Although in the end the people of Scotland voted against self-government, the so-called ‘Indyref’ shook up not only the Scottish but also the wider UK political and social landscape. Hence, on the first anniversary of such a momentous vote, … Continue reading

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Transport investment and the North’s development dilemmas

Tom Hunt and Craig Berry

The gap between rhetoric and reality with regard to transport investment in the North of England encapsulates all the problems of Northern economic development In June 2014 George Osborne laid out his ‘Northern Powerhouse’ concept in a speech in Manchester. He set out the four ‘ingredients’ of his vision: By joining our northern cities together – not physically, or into … Continue reading

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Why the North, why now, and what’s new?: Part II

Craig Berry

Osborne’s plans spell ‘devo-danger’ for the left in Northern England Devo-Manc, and its equivalents in the other regions of Northern England that will surely follow, is being sold as a key element in the creation of George Osborne’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’.  In the first of these posts, I argued that Labour’s future might depend on rekindling Northern England’s ‘inner powerhouse’.  Here, … Continue reading

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Fostering ‘Civic Capitalism’ within regional polities

Daniel Bailey

Not all devolution is necessarily ‘good devolution’ At the recent book launch for the new SPERI book, Civic Capitalism, it was suggested by IPPR North Director, Ed Cox, that cities (and particularly cities in the North of England and Scotland) represented the ‘most likely spatial scale for the development of Civic Capitalism’. He pointed to cities such as Manchester, Glasgow … Continue reading

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‘Devo Manc’: ‘Northern Powerhouse’ or ‘Northern Poorhouse’?

Centralisation has certainly failed, but the promise of devolution to Greater Manchester is being massively hyped Manchester is a great world city which has long divided observers.  In the mid-nineteenth century, what was for de Tocqueville a ‘foul drain’ and for Taine ‘Babel built of brick’ was for the Edinburgh Review, by contrast, ‘foremost in the march of improvement, a … Continue reading

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Where now for Scottish devolution?

Paul Sutton

A number of distinct formats are on the table, all different from federalism The votes are now in and Scotland has decided against independence. But the issues that prompted the referendum have not gone away. Instead, they have been recast in the form of devolution and federalism – for Scotland and the rest of the UK. On these questions the … Continue reading

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