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The (distorted) issue of inequality

Stephen Buzdugan

The populist right’s focus on race and immigration claims to be about fairness and inequality, but actually distracts from the more acute matter of the concentration of wealth and income at the very top As many have already pointed out, the vote for ‘Brexit’ and the election of Donald Trump are linked by their association with the apparent triumph of … Continue reading

8 March 2017 by
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Donald Trump, Dodd-Frank and the politics of academic critique

As opposition mounts to post-crisis regulatory reforms, scholars should rethink their critical evaluation of the progress that has been made After his inauguration on 20 January 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his intention to roll back key sections of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010. The markets were jubilant. As the … Continue reading

1 March 2017 by
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The end of globalisation?

Jeremy Green

Proclamations of the ‘death’ of globalisation are premature Globalisation is in critical condition. It may even be ‘dead’. This is the emerging consensus among many commentators. Economically, the claim is based on the observed decline in global trade growth and cross-border investment flows since the financial crisis. Politically, the argument is grounded in the plethora of stalled trade deals, from … Continue reading

13 December 2016 by
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The grief before the storm

David Coates

Overcoming the grief caused by Trump’s victory requires us to analyse the sources of our pain When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech on November 9th, admitting defeat to an opponent who had received a lower share of the popular vote than she had, many of her supporters in the room with her, and those watching from afar, actually wept … Continue reading

5 December 2016 by
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Trump and Brexit

Andrew Gamble

Trump’s victory and Brexit could unravel the western economic and political order which has been the framework of world politics for the last seventy years Trump’s victory in the US presidential election has been compared to the vote for Brexit. Both were driven by the anger and despair of the white working class, and their rejection of the liberal, cosmopolitan … Continue reading

11 November 2016 by
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First thoughts on the Trump victory

David Coates

There is no quick fix to the Trump phenomenon, but to win again the US centre-left must build broad class alliances that include the white poor There are times when being right is a luxury too far. This is one of those times.  It was possible to see Trump coming, but it was also possible – until about midnight on … Continue reading

10 November 2016 by
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The Left, modern work and the new working class

Maha Rafi Atal

Developing a new moral politics of work in the 21st century could help the left regain traditional supporters and connect to new working class groups Among the themes in this year of political surprises on both sides of the Atlantic – from the victory of the Leave campaign to the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – is predominantly … Continue reading

11 October 2016 by
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Getting ready for Donald Trump

David Coates

It is time to begin worrying about his misguided, superficial and bombastic approach to US problems and politics There is a growing realisation, not to mention a creeping fear, in the upper echelons of the American political establishment that Donald Trump might actually win the Republican Party nomination for President in 2016.  There is less fear that, if he does … Continue reading

9 September 2015 by
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