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From Cradle to the Grave? The decline of UK funeral policy provision

Liam Foster

The Conservative Government will face considerable challenges as people are unable to meet rising funeral costs While much is known about the ritual components of a funeral, very little is known about how individuals and families determine and plan for the financial costs associated with a funeral, and how they afford them. While funeral costs can be a potential source … Continue reading

8 March 2016 by
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Child poverty and the unravelling of New Labour’s ‘hybrid’ political economy

Scott Lavery

Cameron claims to lead a ‘One Nation’ government, but pursues a ‘two nations’ governing strategy One of the headline social policy goals of the Blair and Brown governments was to eradicate child poverty in Britain by 2020.  During New Labour’s thirteen years in power considerable progress was made in this regard: child poverty fell from 3.4 million in 1998 to … Continue reading

12 August 2015 by
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