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Revisiting the developmental state 8: the new challenges of Asia’s latecomer industrialisation

Industrial policy needs to be rethought if it is to remain effective in promoting economic development in a highly globalised world economy When South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore were ‘catching up’ through state-led industrialisation in the 1960s and the 1970s, their only benchmark was the first movers in the existing advanced industrialised economies.  However, in the context of today’s intensified … Continue reading

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Revisiting the developmental state 2: why have we seen so few developmental states?

The underlying political settlement within countries too often provides political elites with insufficient incentives to enact the institutional reforms needed for further growth and structural transformation The original developmental states of East Asia had one unifying economic characteristic: they witnessed almost uninterrupted rapid economic growth for well over four decades.  This is very different from what we have observed for … Continue reading

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