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Germany’s non-rebalancing of its mercantilist model

Contrary to recent claims that Germany has ‘quietly rebalanced’ its economy since the Eurozone crisis began, when German policy is viewed from a more long-term perspective, there has been little in the way of meaningful rebalancing In a recent LSE blog, Donato Di Carlo presents empirical evidence for what he considers a ‘quiet rebalancing’ of the German economy. Using 2010 as a … Continue reading

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New Brief: Has the UK economy been ‘rebalanced’?

This new brief considers the available evidence on whether the UK economy has experienced any significant degree of ‘rebalancing’ since 2010. The need to correct a range of structural imbalances in the British economy has become associated in particular with the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, but has emerged as a rare shared objective in economic policy for all … Continue reading

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Business as usual as City pay soars while manufacturing stagnates

Craig Berry

George Osborne promised a ‘march of the makers’ but as yet there is little sign that a resurgence of manufacturing is helping the economy to rebalance As late as 1980, manufacturing represented around 30 per cent of the UK’s gross value added (GVA) and employed around a quarter of the workforce. But it now represents around 12 per cent of … Continue reading

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SPERI launches British Political Economy Briefs series

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) is today launching a new series of publications, SPERI British Political Economy Briefs. The first edition, ‘Pay in Manufacturing and Finance’, assesses what the latest data on pay across different sectors tells us about the rebalancing of the British economy away from financial services and towards manufacturing. The brief reports evidence, however, that … Continue reading

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