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Merkel 4.0: Chancellor Merkel’s marathon continues

Simon Bulmer

The election result has reduced Merkel’s authority and introduced new domestic constraints, just as space for new possibilities at the EU level are opening up Analysis of the German election held on Sunday 24th September has tended to focus on two features: the re-election of Chancellor Merkel alongside the new threat to German politics posed by the electoral success (with … Continue reading

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Is this really an age of uncertainty?

Glen O'Hara

The recent failures of electoral polling have been over-stated. Our era is politically volatile, but not unusually so. This is the second post in our series exploring uncertainty and the challenges it poses to social science. Shocks, spills and surprises are all the political rage these days. The UK’s vote for Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as President of … Continue reading

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Reassessing Corbynism: success, contradictions and a difficult path ahead

Corbyn’s success in building an alliance that extends from Greens to UKIP voters only postpones the moment of Labour’s reckoning with Brexit The trickle of mea culpas from the rapidly diminishing band of Corbyn-sceptics following the election result has now turned into a flood, and not without cause.  Once widely-held truisms – Corbynism is a ‘movement’ more clicktivist than canvasser, … Continue reading

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That was the Crisis that was: the 2017 election and the strange demise of the 2007-08 crisis

Chris Kirkland

Despite dominating UK politics for the last decade the crisis has been a notable absence from the 2017 general election campaign 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the onset of the economic crisis. For the past decade and the last two UK general elections in 2015 and 2010 the issue of the economy has been the central focus of political … Continue reading

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Disarray on the French left – what next for the Parti Socialiste?

Sean McDaniel

Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon looks set to finish fifth in Sunday’s presidential election. With crucial legislative elections following in June, the party is in disarray. This year’s French presidential election campaign has been dominated not by one ‘story’ but several.  Not only do we have the unnerving popularity of Marine Le Pen, who looks set to make it into the … Continue reading

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Does Benoît Hamon represent a ‘New Left’ in French socialist politics?

Renee Buhr

Analysing the policy differences between Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon show how the new Socialist presidential candidate is mapping a new direction for the French left In a previous blog for SPERI published in December, I argued that the right-wing candidates competing for the French Presidency represented a break from business as usual in French economic policy.  Francois Fillon’s apparent … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel’s Germany: still liberals’ best hope for 2017?

Simon Bulmer

To secure a fourth term a less liberal version of Angela Merkel may emerge as she reacts to the domestic and global tumult of the last year 2016 was a tumultuous year in global politics, symbolized by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump securing the American presidency. Trump has challenged the fundamentals of US external relations, … Continue reading

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Trump, Brexit and neoliberalism

To understand the twin electoral disasters of 2016 we need to consider the central role played by austerity and the media Simon Wren-Lewis is the winner of the 2016 New Statesman/SPERI Prize for Political Economy. Tonight he will deliver his Prize Lecture to a sold-out audience in London. How do we explain the two great Anglo-Saxon electoral disasters of 2016: … Continue reading

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A new Five Star Boom: the 2016 Italian municipal elections

June’s elections saw rising support for the ‘anti-establishment’ Five-Star Movement, which in the context of growing economic instability is an increasingly popular alternative to ‘mainstream politics’ The Italian municipal elections held on 19 June 2016 saw further success for the Five-Star Movement (M5S). The elections are significant as they shed light on the evolution of the party created by the … Continue reading

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Labour and 2020 – looking forward, not back

The current polls are poor but electoral success will rely on a mass mobilisation campaign and increasing voter turnout There have been a number of opinion pieces and blogs recently that have presented a very negative outlook on Labour’s chances at the general election in 2020. Glen O’Hara’s recent blog for SPERI drew on current and historic polling data to … Continue reading

2 March 2016 by
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Corbyn and the Labour Party – taking the longer view?

Glen O'Hara

Historic polling comparisons highlight the party’s challenges ahead of 2020 The last few months have seen the Labour Party seemingly stumble from crisis to crisis. A rolling and engrossing bad news story but one that has been hard to place in context.  We can consider the impact of this first period of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership upon Labour’s support by considering … Continue reading

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Spanish politics in major flux

Owen Parker

Two recent events will complicate and shape Spanish politics in the coming year, with broader implications for Europe and its political economy The national election in Spain on 20 December 2015 (20D) saw the ruling conservative PP, led by Mariano Rajoy, receive the largest share of the vote and the social democratic PSOE, led by Pedro Sánchez, come second.  But … Continue reading

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Working-class anger and the problem of progressive politics

David Coates

The only effective answer to right-wing populism is the creation and deployment of a superior left-wing alternative The start of a new year – especially the start of an important election year as this one happens to be in the United States – is a good time to reflect on the broad strategic choices facing progressive forces on both sides … Continue reading

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Post-election prospects in Canada

Jacqueline Best

The Liberals have a chance to rectify their past economic mistakes by rebuilding the middle class After a decade under a Conservative leadership that actively undermined the government’s capacity to conduct research, Canadians last month elected a government that has promised to base its policies on evidence. Yet, if the new Liberal government wants to pay attention to the evidence, … Continue reading

16 November 2015 by
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You wanted it, you got it

Craig Berry

New Labour offered change for two decades, without ever really meaning it. Jeremy Corbyn is the near-inevitable consequence The remarkable emergence of Jeremy Corbyn from the relative obscurity of Labour’s backbenches has taken most political commentators by surprise – and indeed Corbyn himself. In hindsight, however, it seems to make perfect sense, especially once the implications of Ed Miliband’s changes … Continue reading

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Election 2015: not a good one to win … but too important to lose

Colin Hay

In these circumstances there is no good excuse for not voting, and for not voting extremely wisely Winning elections in Britain is becoming ever more of a poison chalice.  It does not take a great deal of hindsight to see that neither 2005 nor 2010 were especially good to win.  As many saw even at the time, 2005 was the … Continue reading

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Is neoliberalism at last unravelling in Britain?

Tony Payne

The crisis of the British political economy has now become an urgent crisis also for British politics I just don’t understand why mainstream political commentators in Britain are not shouting about it in every column and appearance on radio and television.  But it can be said in no uncertain terms on the SPERI blog: the unfolding crisis of the British … Continue reading

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Who is Marina Silva?

Valbona Muzaka

Possibly Brazil’s next president, she is a perplexing mix of contradictory social and political characteristics Endless polls record compulsively the distance between Brazilian voters’ preference for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) and her most prominent challenger, Marina Silva of the Partido Socialista Brasileiro (PSB).  They suggest that Silva could potentially win the race for Brazil’s … Continue reading

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