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2016 and the return of the nation-state

Whilst the turbulence of this year has caused political shocks the apparent resurgence of the nation-state should be no surprise Much of the political rhetoric that has been deployed during this period of political turbulence can make 2016 appear as the year the nation-state returned.  Yet for all the shock value associated with the year’s political events this apparent resurgence … Continue reading

21 December 2016 by
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Merkel, Draghi and Tsipras

Simon Bulmer

These are the three key European leaders of the moment, but a Eurozone ménage à trois remains highly unlikely… Over the course of the Eurozone crisis the German government has been the most important influence on policy, raising the question of its potential hegemonic role.  Its prescriptions have followed an ordoliberal script.  Over the past couple of weeks Berlin’s policy … Continue reading

5 February 2015 by
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Deflation trap

Andrew Gamble

Neoliberalism will struggle to survive if western economies cannot find ways to increase demand The European Central Bank has consistently denied that there is any chance of the eurozone falling into deflation.  The ‘deceleration of prices’ in recent months has been dismissed as a temporary phenomenon soon to be reversed.  But the reality is that deflation is not going away. … Continue reading

2 September 2014 by
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