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Britain and the EU referendum: a story of losing control?

Simon Bulmer

Controlling the case for Remain and unpacking the Leave arguments about regaining control are shaping up to be key deciding factors ahead of June 23rd It’s now two months since David Cameron reached agreement with EU partners in re-negotiating the terms of British membership. How is the referendum campaign shaping up?  How far have the imponderables of two months ago … Continue reading

28 April 2016 by
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Dilemmas for the left on EU citizenship

Owen Parker

The principle of non-discrimination is not necessarily a threat to welfare and the vision of a social Europe On 11 November the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that two Romanian nationals, and therefore EU citizens, Elisabeta Dano and her son, Florin, could legitimately be denied the right to claim benefits in Germany designed to cover the recipients’ subsistence.  The … Continue reading

25 November 2014 by
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