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International news coverage for new SPERI paper on the UK Finance Curse

A new SPERI report that assesses the cost of ‘too much finance’ for the UK from the 1990s to the current period has received international news coverage since its publication earlier this month. The UK’s Finance Curse? Costs and Processes by Andrew Baker, Gerald Epstein and Juan Montecino has been covered extensively in Le Monde, The Guardian, Financial Times and … Continue reading

17 October 2018 by
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Costing the country: Britain’s finance curse

The finance industry is not the golden goose claimed by its vast public relations team: it looks much more like a cuckoo in the nest A new report from Andrew Baker of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, Gerald Epstein, University of Massachusetts, and Juan Montecino, Columbia University, NY, suggests that the cost to the UK economy in terms of lost growth potential arising from hosting … Continue reading

9 October 2018 by
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The Finance Curse research agenda: what we learned

Andrew Baker

A finance curse research agenda involves forensic dissection of financial dysfunction and pathology, helping to illuminate what needs to be put right Earlier this month scholars from seven countries and seven disciplines, representatives from four NGOs, journalists from the Financial Times and Le Monde, and a Bank of England official met in Sheffield to scrutinise and dissect the concept of … Continue reading

27 November 2017 by
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The Finance Curse: Building a new knowledge network

Andrew Baker

A workshop in Sheffield this week will examine the symptoms of a phenomenon known as the ‘finance curse’, establish a future research agenda and discuss potential responses This week, SPERI, with the Tax Justice Network and collaborators from Copenhagen Business School, will co-host a workshop on ‘the Finance Curse’. The idea that a ‘finance curse’ – a more complex version … Continue reading

14 November 2017 by
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