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Finance fragmented? New SPERI research on EU financial centres post-Brexit published

When the UK leaves the European Single Market, financial firms domiciled in the City of London will lose their ‘passporting rights’. Ahead of the UK’s departure many UK-based banks and other financial institutions are considering whether to relocate parts of their operations to alternative financial centres inside the EU. Frankfurt and Paris are two of the main ‘rivals’ to the City … Continue reading

22 October 2018 by
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Frankfurt and Paris as financial centres after Brexit

Scott Lavery

The City of London is likely to remain as Europe’s pre-eminent financial centre after the UK leaves the EU, but new research shows how Frankfurt and Paris seek to ‘capitalise’ on the fall-out from Brexit Brexit creates an opportunity for alternative European financial centres such as Frankfurt, Paris Luxembourg and Dublin. However, no comprehensive academic research on the emerging competition between … Continue reading

26 June 2018 by
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Will Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin replace the City of London after Brexit?

Scott Lavery

Alternative EU financial centres are unlikely to supplant the City as Europe’s premier financial hub – but private and public actors within these urban centres are already seeking to ‘capitalise’ on Brexit It is often claimed that alternative financial centres (AFCs) within the EU are well-placed to benefit from Brexit. However, no comprehensive analysis of the positioning of AFCs in … Continue reading

3 April 2017 by
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