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Third party ownership: Big Sam, football and capitalism

Thomas Hastings

Third party ownership highlights the problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism, and why reforms are urgently needed The recent Sam Allardyce inspired saga over third party ownership in football has served to highlight the bigger and more general problems associated with the intertwining of football and capitalism. Building on existing SPERI blogs, notably Craig Berry’s insights into … Continue reading

18 October 2016 by
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‘I want to take you to China…’ Culture at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse

Manchester’s cultural and sporting brand is increasingly important in attracting global investment to the city Much of the discussion about ‘DevoManc’, or the Northern Powerhouse agenda, has so far overlooked one important element. The significance of the role of popular culture in shaping and enhancing the profile of Manchester as a global city – and thus enhancing the argument for … Continue reading

31 March 2016 by
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Reforming FIFA?

Matthew Bishop

The issue lays bare the broader trade-offs between democracy, efficiency and legitimacy that epitomise global governance One of the most remarkable outcomes of the corruption scandal that has engulfed the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the rapidity with which its formerly impenetrable headquarters in Zurich has come to resemble a fetid goldfish bowl, the inhabitants of which finally … Continue reading

16 June 2015 by
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The ugly economy of the beautiful game: part II

Craig Berry

Premier League owners typify the UK’s flawed economy In part 1 of this post, I proposed that the Premier League should hypothecate half of the extra revenue it will receive from the latest television broadcast deal, compared to the previous deal, to a Football Association-run fund to protect football at lower levels of participation (as well as suggesting more ambitiously … Continue reading

8 April 2015 by
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The ugly economy of the beautiful game: part I

Craig Berry

The English Premier League, with the help of austerity, is destroying its own foundations The recent news that Sky and BT will pay more than £5 billion to broadcast Premier League (the top division of English football) matches for three seasons – an incredible 70 per cent increase on the cost of the previous deal – has thrown a spotlight … Continue reading

1 April 2015 by
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The Premier League television bonanza

Wyn Grant

Opinions differ as to whether this represents the market economy at its worst or its most competitive The amount paid by broadcasters for three years of Premier League television rights from 2016-17 exceeded all expectations.   Sky and BT agreed to pay £5.16bn over the period: three years ago they paid just £3bn for the rights.   Sky is spending … Continue reading

17 March 2015 by
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