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Disarray on the French left – what next for the Parti Socialiste?

Sean McDaniel

Socialist candidate Benoît Hamon looks set to finish fifth in Sunday’s presidential election. With crucial legislative elections following in June, the party is in disarray. This year’s French presidential election campaign has been dominated not by one ‘story’ but several.  Not only do we have the unnerving popularity of Marine Le Pen, who looks set to make it into the … Continue reading

21 April 2017 by
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Liberal vs populist economic policies in France 2017

Renee Buhr

Whoever is elected as President in April is set to introduce a break from business as usual in French economic policy On November 20 and 27 2016, Les Républicains – a collection of parties of the right and centre – held open primary elections to determine their candidate for the French presidential elections scheduled for 23 April 2017.   The results … Continue reading

20 December 2016 by
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