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Beyond dirty development: can the Right do subsidy reform right?

Reforming subsidies should be a core element of the G20 sustainability agenda Lurking in the margins of every G20 Summit is the issue of fossil fuel subsidies. Year after year, leaders quietly repeated their commitment to phase out inefficient subsidies. Year after year until Trump appeared on the scene, that is. In 2017 the commitment disappeared, and it made no … Continue reading

6 December 2018 by
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The G20 in Argentina needs to address its own failings as well as the many problems facing the global economy

Tony Payne

Argentina’s laudable attempts to raise issues vital to Latin America and the wider developing world are likely to fall on deaf ears. But, if the G20 is going to stop drifting from summit to summit and get to grips with genuinely global challenges, it needs to establish a modest but permanent secretariat and appoint an influential secretary-general, writes Tony Payne … Continue reading

23 November 2018 by
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‘De-globalisation’, or ‘re-globalisation’?

Tony Payne

The former is the new project of the populist right; the latter needs to be the new vision of the centre-left Globalisation is under attack these days from all quarters. It has of course long faced criticism from the left for being divisive and undemocratic.  That’s not new.  But, remarkably and in an act of brazen but effective political theft, … Continue reading

23 January 2017 by
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The Coming Crisis: why global governance doesn’t really work

Tony Payne

Serious problems undermine the current regime and create a significant ‘global governance deficit’ Nobody can say that the major institutions of global governance haven’t noticed the possibility that a further global economic crisis might be brewing. The World Bank warned in January this year that a ‘perfect storm’ could be building in the global political economy. It was worried by … Continue reading

15 June 2016 by
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The end of the G8

Tony Payne

Russia’s expulsion from the G8 concludes a transitional phase in the governance of the global political economy Tomorrow the leaders of the G8 group of countries should have been meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in Russia in what would have been the latest in a long line of such summits dating back to 1998.  But, instead, with … Continue reading

3 June 2014 by
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Sea change moments and post-crash political economy

Andrew Baker

The crisis has opened the door to new ideas and policy paradigms, but politicians are yet to build upon them and create a convincing progressive agenda Political economists are pessimistic about the prospects for far-reaching and profound change following the financial crash of 2008. A common refrain is that little in the way of substantive change to the financial and … Continue reading

12 December 2013 by
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