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What do Global Megatrends mean for the financing of the SDGs?

Gail Hurley

How finance is raised and spent must be transformed to effectively meet the enormous challenges of the 21st century The International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently reported that the world economy will need to spend at least US$ 7 trillion extra on social care by 2030 to cope with demographic changes worldwide. Rising birth rates and increased life expectancy mean there … Continue reading

19 September 2018 by
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Public aid is driving financial innovation to support international development

Gail Hurley

International development is increasingly being financed in innovative new ways. Public aid money is critical and its role should be celebrated more I was delighted to read that Professor Mariana Mazzucato has recently launched a new Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) at University College London. The Institute describes its mission as to ‘rethink how public value is created, … Continue reading

15 November 2017 by
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Punching above its weight: Cuba’s medical internationalism

Gail Hurley

After Castro’s death and with profound political and economic change across the Americas what is the future for Cuba’s medical internationalism? The death last month of Fidel Castro at age 90 prompted a flurry of commentary simultaneously proclaiming the former Cuban leader a hero or a tyrant.  Biographers and commentators will no doubt pore over his tenure and legacy for … Continue reading

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Finding the money: financing Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis

Gail Hurley

The UN warns the humanitarian aid system is ‘being stretched to breaking point’ The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reports that over 613,000 people of mainly Middle-Eastern and African origin have crossed into Europe this year so far, fleeing ongoing conflict and poverty in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. The European Union’s response has been chaotic, … Continue reading

11 November 2015 by
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Sustainable Development Goals for all countries

Gail Hurley

Does this signal a paradigm shift in how we have to conceive of ‘development’? 2015 is a major year for international development – or so we’re told.  I’ve written before about the UN’s bold new development programme, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will be agreed in New York in September.  This ambitious new development agenda calls on all governments … Continue reading

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The Caribbean’s silent debt crisis

Gail Hurley

New policies are needed to break the cycle of debt dependency Sun, sea, sand, rum-punch, even reggae, these are the images that usually spring to mind when we think of the Caribbean islands. Less well-known is the profound sovereign debt crisis that many are currently experiencing. Indeed, for some, it has been a persistent and unresolved problem for well over … Continue reading

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