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Interpreting the SNP’s landslide

The election outcome in Scotland challenges the UK political establishment to respond to the multinational character of the state Last week’s General Election transformed the Scottish political landscape.  It finally ended 60 years of Labour Party dominance of Scottish politics and revealed the heterogeneity of UK politics in all its complex glory. The Conservatives had long since ceased to be … Continue reading

15 May 2015 by
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New Brief: The relationship between deprivation and UKIP’s electoral support

We are pleased to publish this brief in advance of the 2015 general election, which considers the evolving basis of UKIP’s electoral support with reference in particular to whether more deprived communities are likely to support the party. The argument that the Green Party and Scottish National Party will take votes from Labour, whilst UKIP will grow at the Conservatives’ expense, … Continue reading

16 April 2015 by
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