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Two successful grant bids

Two valuable projects linked to SPERI’s core research programmes have been awarded large grants. The first project, entitled ‘Beyond Trafficking and Slavery: Towards Decent Work for All’, has been awarded to Dr Genevieve LeBaron as part of the ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund Networks. Through the grant, LeBaron and her collaborators will bring together global stakeholders to map the knowledge … Continue reading

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Mandatory transparency, discretionary disclosure

Genevieve LeBaron

New transparency regulations in some places theoretically require companies to report on forced labour in their supply chains, but a new review finds that’s not what’s happening The challenge of governing labour standards globally has never been greater. Incidents such as Apple’s detection of ‘bonded servitude’ at its major subsidiary factories in China; the discovery of slave labour in the Thai prawn industry, … Continue reading

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Rethinking Recovery: Recovery for whom?

Genevieve LeBaron

Corporate profits are soaring, but so is labour exploitation. Who is the ‘recovery’ really benefiting? Has the labour market ‘recovered’ since the 2008-09 financial crisis? The answer to this question depends on whom you ask. The labour market is a central part of the UK’s ‘economic recovery’ narrative advanced by political and economic elites. In his address on June 27th … Continue reading

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SPERI launches new Global Political Economy Briefs series

SPERI is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Global Political Economy Briefs. The new series will showcase the leading global political economy research by SPERI researchers and colleagues from amongst the international academic community and will focus accordingly on major contemporary global political economy issues. The new series launches with a Brief on ‘Ethical Audits and … Continue reading

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Academics from Amsterdam visit SPERI to plan research collaborations

Earlier this year SPERI and the Department of Politics’ Political Economy Research Group (PERG) were awarded a Sheffield International Mobility Scheme grant to launch a partnership with the University of Amsterdam’s Political Economy and Transnational Governance programme group (PETGOV). The mobility scheme was facilitated by SPERI Research Fellow Dr Genevieve LeBaron and enables SPERI and PETGOV to explore new research and funding opportunities based on our shared … Continue reading

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Symposium on Forced Labour Research

The first of two symposia on forced labour took place in the Sheffield Town Hall on Thursday 8th October and Friday 9th October. Organised by SPERI Research Fellow, Genevieve LeBaron, as part of her British Academy Rising Star award, the symposium brought together an interdisciplinary group of international expert scholars who focused on one pressing issue: the lack of reliable … Continue reading

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New SPERI Paper: Inequality Redux

We are delighted to publish as a SPERI Paper the series of blogs by SPERI staff and students, which ran from February to April 2015, all devoted to the theme of inequality. The posts were intended to paint into place a different backdrop to the issues that were being debated in the British General Election campaign which ran as the … Continue reading

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