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Gender inequalities and sexual harassment in global value chains

To change the dynamics of gender inequality we need to change those of the contemporary global economy The new Oxfam report –Reward Work, not Wealth– is a bitter and strong message to the leaders of our globalised world; a lucid analysis of the need for bold and different actions to reduce inequalities. Such inequalities are embedded in our society, and … Continue reading

6 February 2018 by
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Overseas anti-slavery initiatives flourish, but domestic governance gaps persist

UK-based companies are ramping up efforts to combat slavery in their overseas supply chains. But companies also need to be working harder to address the severe labour exploitation taking place at home. The passage of the UK 2015 Modern Slavery Act has prompted companies to be more open about their efforts to combat forced labour in global supply chains. To … Continue reading

14 September 2017 by
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Brexit and free trade fallacies Part Two

Matthew Bishop

The British government is displaying an abject grasp of global trade politics; ironically the EU red tape the Brexiteers wish to burn is the very basis on which the ‘free trade’ they hope for rests In the previous post, I discussed how negotiations around ‘free trade’ and the agreements that sustain it are no longer really about tariffs.  Rather they … Continue reading

16 January 2017 by
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Call for Papers: Conceptualizing Labour ‘Unfreedom’ and Degradation Along the Supply Chain

WOERRC SPERI Workshop at the University of Sheffield, May 26-27, 2016   Since the economic crisis of 2008-2009, labour unfreedom has intensified at the bottom end of the labour market. Working conditions, remuneration, and collective bargaining rights have stagnated or declined for large-swathes of the low-waged workforce. At the same time, evidence from several sectors suggests that the practices commonly … Continue reading

10 March 2016 by
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