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Inequality in Scotland: despite Nordic aspirations, things are not improving

20 years after the Scotland Act was passed, how has Scotland fared in its aspiration to reduce inequality? When it comes to social policy, Scottish politicians have tended to look across the North Sea, rather than the Atlantic, for inspiration. The desire to follow the more progressive Nordic model on issues of social and economic inequality has become one of the defining … Continue reading

13 November 2018 by
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Peace walls and other social frontiers can breed crime and conflict in cities

Identifying social frontiers is the first step to understanding what impacts they have on the people living nearby In several cities across Northern Ireland, so-called “peace walls” mark the boundaries between Catholic and Protestant neighbourhoods. Erected amid the Troubles which started in the late 1960s, the barriers were intended as a temporary measure to prevent outbreaks of violence between the two communities. … Continue reading

28 June 2018 by
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