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Beyond dirty development: can the Right do subsidy reform right?

Reforming subsidies should be a core element of the G20 sustainability agenda Lurking in the margins of every G20 Summit is the issue of fossil fuel subsidies. Year after year, leaders quietly repeated their commitment to phase out inefficient subsidies. Year after year until Trump appeared on the scene, that is. In 2017 the commitment disappeared, and it made no … Continue reading

6 December 2018 by
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Workshop Report on Designing Sustainable Economies: Translating ideas and research into policy and practice

Can economic growth and environmental protection go hand-in-hand? Does climate change and resource depletion force us to radically imagine our economic systems? Is continued economic growth universally necessary and desirable? On 29-30 July, twenty-five scholars, activists, practitioners, civil society, and representatives of intergovernmental institutions gathered in Sheffield to grapple with these questions. Organised by Hayley Stevenson, as part of her … Continue reading

28 September 2016 by
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