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The politics of fear: how immigration is dominating the Italian election campaign

Growing popular concern about immigration could see the centre-right benefit in Sunday’s election The politics of fear is once again affecting the Italian elections. After debates about fake news and the promise of very expensive, and for this reason unachievable, policies, shaped the first stage of the electoral campaign, the immigration issue has been at the heart of public discussion … Continue reading

2 March 2018 by
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The Italian Constitutional Referendum: the fears behind the No vote

The varied generational impact of Italy’s enduring economic crisis was a central factor behind the No vote The result of the Constitutional referendum held on 4 December 2016 in Italy was a watershed moment in Italian politics, and in the leadership path of Matteo Renzi.  Despite the efforts of the former Prime Minister, only 40% of the electorate supported the … Continue reading

9 March 2017 by
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