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The politics of fear: how immigration is dominating the Italian election campaign

Growing popular concern about immigration could see the centre-right benefit in Sunday’s election The politics of fear is once again affecting the Italian elections. After debates about fake news and the promise of very expensive, and for this reason unachievable, policies, shaped the first stage of the electoral campaign, the immigration issue has been at the heart of public discussion … Continue reading

2 March 2018 by
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Reassessing Corbynism: success, contradictions and a difficult path ahead

Corbyn’s success in building an alliance that extends from Greens to UKIP voters only postpones the moment of Labour’s reckoning with Brexit The trickle of mea culpas from the rapidly diminishing band of Corbyn-sceptics following the election result has now turned into a flood, and not without cause.  Once widely-held truisms – Corbynism is a ‘movement’ more clicktivist than canvasser, … Continue reading

13 June 2017 by
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The (distorted) issue of inequality

Stephen Buzdugan

The populist right’s focus on race and immigration claims to be about fairness and inequality, but actually distracts from the more acute matter of the concentration of wealth and income at the very top As many have already pointed out, the vote for ‘Brexit’ and the election of Donald Trump are linked by their association with the apparent triumph of … Continue reading

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Immigration, refugees and the politics of crisis

By focusing on the ‘perception’ of immigration Streeck’s recent SPERI paper was a missed opportunity to present progressive solutions to the ‘refugee crisis’ Wolfgang Streeck’s new SPERI paper ‘Exploding Europe’ aims to contextualise the Brexit vote by highlighting the shortcomings of the EU’s response to the ‘refugee crisis’ and the ‘anti-immigration sentiment’ the policy has triggered.  Streeck places particular emphasis … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis: The migrant crisis and the future of the European project

Nicola Phillips

The economic, political and social consequences of failing to respond effectively to the migrant crisis risk accelerating European disintegration Digesting the relentless news stories about the devastating numbers of lives lost in the Mediterranean, the living conditions endured by the human beings seeking passage into and across Europe, and the increasingly incoherent political responses of European leaders, there can be … Continue reading

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Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris: Part II

Heather Connolly

Trade union support for undocumented migrant workers is taking place in an atmosphere of growing stigmatisation and social tension Last month I returned to the banlieues of Paris on a research visit hosted by CRESPPA-CSU, four months after the November attacks, and during the week of the terrorist attacks in Brussels on 22nd March.  Whilst in Paris issues of social … Continue reading

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