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The hollowness of GDP: The case of Ireland

Ireland’s GDP statistics highlight the disconnect between ‘official’ growth and the real economy, and raise questions about the nature of growth itself In the last decade, the prominence afforded to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in political discourse has increasingly been challenged by a series of social and environmental critiques. These critiques – made by the likes of Wilkinson and Pickett, … Continue reading

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The real political economy of Ireland

Neil Dooley

Contrary to official EU claims, Ireland tells a cautionary tale, undeserving of its current poster-child status As Greece has been gradually and then suddenly disintegrating, the European Union has recruited Ireland as its pin-up for austerity.  Patronising images of Greece as the eurozone’s impetulant child are communicated by European political figures with ever diminishing subtlety.  In contrast, Ireland is held … Continue reading

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