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The unintended euro and the problem of Italy

The fate of Italy will determine what kind of monetary union, and with which member-states, can survive The present confrontation between the Italian government and the European Commission over the size of Italy’s budget is another episode in a long-running drama about whether Italy’s membership of the euro is compatible with any viable monetary, fiscal, and political structure for the … Continue reading

30 November 2018 by
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The ideological shifts, economics and geopolitics of the Italian elections

The agenda of Italy’s new anti-liberal, Eurosceptic and pro-Russian government could have significant ramifications far beyond Italy This post elucidates on the three key implications following the 2018 Italian general elections and the recent appointment of Italy’s new government: the consolidation of anti-liberal ideologies, the impact of a potential Italian exit from the euro on global financial stability, the geopolitical … Continue reading

12 June 2018 by
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Italy in an age of authoritarian liberalism

How the recent history of Italian capitalism has been shaped by populists and technocrats Italy is not only divided, as the recent elections have once again demonstrated, but also as divisive as usual. Optimists point to its recent recovery and 9th place in world GDP rankings (ahead of rising giants such as Russia or Indonesia); pessimists highlight that since the … Continue reading

17 May 2018 by
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How a new electoral law could shape the 2018 Italian elections

Italy’s new electoral law – used for the first time in this weekend’s election – could have a wide-ranging impact on the country’s politics By the end of Sunday 4th March Italian voters will discover a lot more about themselves than they have known for years, thanks to their brand new electoral law whose main target is to represent them … Continue reading

2 March 2018 by
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The 2018 Italian election: old faces, new parties, familiar uncertainty

Over the coming weeks a new blog series with the PSA Italian Politics Specialist Group will look ahead to the Italian election on March 4th and analyse the results In under three weeks time Italy will return to the polls for what promises to be another controversial general election, with immigration and the state of the economy having been afforded a prominent … Continue reading

14 February 2018 by
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The Italian Constitutional Referendum: the fears behind the No vote

The varied generational impact of Italy’s enduring economic crisis was a central factor behind the No vote The result of the Constitutional referendum held on 4 December 2016 in Italy was a watershed moment in Italian politics, and in the leadership path of Matteo Renzi.  Despite the efforts of the former Prime Minister, only 40% of the electorate supported the … Continue reading

9 March 2017 by
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Italy after the referendum: when change leads to immobility

Ariana Giovannini

A month after the Italian constitutional referendum and nothing has really changed. The country has a new government and Prime Minister, yet the political and significant economic challenges remain After the resounding No vote returned by the Italian electorate on December 4th, the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who staked his future on the outcome of the constitutional reform referendum … Continue reading

24 January 2017 by
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A new Five Star Boom: the 2016 Italian municipal elections

June’s elections saw rising support for the ‘anti-establishment’ Five-Star Movement, which in the context of growing economic instability is an increasingly popular alternative to ‘mainstream politics’ The Italian municipal elections held on 19 June 2016 saw further success for the Five-Star Movement (M5S). The elections are significant as they shed light on the evolution of the party created by the … Continue reading

3 August 2016 by
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