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The Schizophrenia of UK (De) industrialisation Policy

Far from radically rebalancing the structure of the UK economy, Theresa May’s industrial strategy seems destined to entrench the UK’s deindustrialisation It is now over a decade since the run on Northern Rock augured the onset of a financial crisis whose reverberations are still being felt in the British political system. The response to the crisis, not least the austerity … Continue reading

2 October 2018 by
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What will Brexit mean for UK climate action?

Our research reveals that the UK is at risk of letting climate change slip off the agenda at a time when attention and action has never been as important With the ‘Brexit day’ deadline, at the end of March 2019, rapidly approaching, many are still puzzling over what exiting the European Union (EU) will actually mean for the UK. One … Continue reading

21 June 2018 by
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Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and industrial strategy

What does the discursive appeal to industrial strategy by Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May tell us about the prospect for radical policy change or continuity? Theresa May’s speech on July 11th 2016, delivered at the launch of her national campaign to become leader of the Conservative Party, was notable for its assertion that a government under her leadership would implement … Continue reading

19 January 2017 by
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The economic legacies of Denis Healey and Geoffrey Howe

James Silverwood

Often thought to have initiated key changes in economic policy, both men maintained and defended the longest-standing economic policy orthodoxy in Britain A common assertion in studies of the British political economy is that periods of economic, financial and political crisis produce changes in policy. This is particularly evident, for example, in the importance conventionally assigned to the 1976 IMF … Continue reading

29 October 2015 by
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