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New SPERI Brief: Welfare recipients, public opinion and ‘deservingness’

SPERI has today published a new British Political Economy Brief on ‘Welfare recipients, public opinion and ‘deservingness”. The new Brief, which considers public attitudes towards welfare, is the second SPERI brief by Liam Stanley (SPERI Associate Fellow) and Todd Hartman (Sheffield Methods Institute). Download Brief No.22: Welfare recipients, public opinion and ‘deservingness’. Liam and Todd’s first Brief, published in November 2015, … Continue reading

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Talking the politics of welfare

Liam Stanley

More and more evidence shows that it matters considerably that British governments have lately been deploying the word ‘welfare’ in an official capacity Imagine you are a government minister or a particularly influential civil servant.  Lucky you: you are introducing some new legislation that, say, proposes that all benefit claimants must attend interviews within three days of making their first … Continue reading

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New SPERI Brief: The UK’s ‘annual tax summaries’

SPERI’s latest brief presents the results from a new study by Dr Liam Stanley and Dr Todd Hartman that tested how annual tax summaries might impact upon public support for welfare and taxation. The results show that the Government’s presentation of public spending data in their annual tax summaries – with welfare listed as the top category – may lead … Continue reading

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What six public opinion graphs tell us about austerity

Liam Stanley

A majority of the British population has consistently expressed the belief over a period of several years that spending cuts to cut the government’s deficit are ‘necessary’ Austerity was meant to be over by now in the UK.  The country living comfortably within its means.  The books balanced.  But, with the Coalition government consistently missing its deficit-reduction targets, this is … Continue reading

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Blaming bankers and accepting austerity

Our everyday experiences of taxation have been crucial to the way that the crisis has been interpreted There is something for everyone on YouTube. A piece of satirical songwriting, entitled ‘Bugger the Bankers’, is quickly racking up many thousands of views. You barely need to watch the video to get the gist. Indeed, following the global financial crisis, bankers are … Continue reading

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